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Body + Scalp Buffer Tool Kit

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An exfoliating glove for men that is engineered to deeply scrub the male body and provide optimal hygiene and cleanliness

This grooming tool for men works to: 

  • Remove dirt, paint, grease, concrete & glue stuck on the skin
  • Remove dry/dead skin 
  • Prevent ingrown hairs from shaving
  • Reduce body breakouts & blackheads on the chest, arms, back, legs and torso
  • Smooth & reinvigorate the male skin  



    A soft silicone head brush that is engineered to effectively scrubcleanse and stimulate the scalp

    This scalp scrubber and grooming tool works to: 

    • Remove build-up, dirt and impurities on the scalp and facial hair
    • Remove dandruff and promote healthy hair
    • Promote blood circulation and hair follicle nourishment
    • Remove dead skin cells and dandruff
    • Relieve itchiness on the head and massage the scalp

      More Benefits

      • Deeply exfoliates the skin
      • Helps to improve the texture and feel of skin
      • Aims to reduce appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores
      • Naturally and easily removes fake tan
      • Aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      • Helps oxygenate cells and promote healthy blood flow leaving the body re-energised and invigorated
      • Assists to eliminate toxins through the skin


      STEP 1.

      Soak your skin in a steamy shower or bath for 5-10 mins.


      STEP 2.

      Wet the glove, squeeze out any excess water and place your hand inside. Remove your body from the water, this is essential. Firmly glide the glove up and down to buff away the dead skin cells. Do not use soap.


      STEP 3.

      Rinse your body to reveal smooth, clean skin. 



      The longer you soak, the better the results. Peeling may not occur if skin is excessively hairy or wet. Exfoliate prior to shaving. After exfoliation, your skin may appear to be flushed in colour, this is your blood circulation kicking into action. Avoid open cuts, flaring acne or sunburnt skin. Be gentle on sensitive areas. Exfoliate 1-2 times per week


      STEP 1.

      Wet your hair and apply your favourite shampoo or treatment evenly throughout.


      STEP 2.

      While holding the buffer in your hand, slowly massage the silicone tips into your scalp in circular motions, until lathering occurs.


      STEP 3.

      Continue massaging across all areas of the scalp. Rinse buffer after use. 



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Body Buffer

      Works really well just as described

      Michelle Saul

      Slight issue with order. After an email. Issue was rectified and order completed with nil issues. Great service.

      Matt Sharp
      Rate it

      I'm really glad I got this as well. It's really nice to use on your scalp when washing your hair!

      Steven Bent
      Best Scalp Massager

      My wife and I both had dry, itchy scalps I think it mighht be the weather. We bought this and a glove and now we fight over both of them. Definitely ordering another one.

      Henry Sider
      Great Exfoliation!

      Really great exfoliating mitt. Skin has never felt softer. I followed the instructions on the side of the container it came in, that said to just soften skin in hot water and then used the mitt. I didnt use soap and it worked perfectly.